Ministries for the Months October, November, December 2018 (please let Rory know if you cannot fulfill your ministry).


Usher/Greeters for October:
October 7:    Russ and Roberta Bemis
October 14:  John and Kay Warner
October 21:   Anne Vander Meer and
                        Caron Tregarthen
October 28:  The MacKinnon Family
Lectors for October:
October 7:    Kim Briggeman
October 14:   Hailey Mitchell
October 21:   Ginny Woods
October 28:  John Warner

Eucharistic Ministers for October:
October 7:  Mike and Martha Denman
October 14:  Jennifer Alexander and Toni LaBelle
October 21:  Michelle Sage and Bev Frohlich
October 28:  Kim and Linda Briggeman


Usher/Greeters for November:
November 4:  Jim and Diane Strickland
November 11:   Jim and Jo Labbe
November 18:   Kim and Linda Briggeman
November 25:   The Eichner Family

Lectors for November:
November 4:  Colleen Frohlich
November 11:  Doug Lawrence
August 19:  Kirk Bodlovic
August 24:  Diane Strickland
Eucharistic Ministers for November:
November 4:  Joanna Eichner and Sherry Connolly
November 11:  Bob and Michelle Jordan
November 18:  Kim and Linda Briggeman
November 25:  Candyce Weber and Donna Fuller

December 24th and 25th Christmas Ministries will be on a volunteer basis - please sign up.

Usher/Greeters for December:
December 2:  Dee Young and Sherry Connolly
December 9:  Russ and Roberta Bemis
December 16:  Mike and Martha Denman
December 23:  Michelle Sage and
                            Caron Tregarthen
December 30:  Donna Fuller and Candyce Weber

Lectors for December:
December 2:   Lauren Bodlovic
December 9:  Brayden Frohlich
December 16:  Bev Frohlich
December 23:  Joanna Eichner
December 30:  Jennifer Alexander

Eucharistic Ministers for December:
December 2:   Caitlin Woods and Ginny Woods
December 9:  Mark and Colleen Frohlich
December 16:  Meghan MacKinnon and
                                Isabella Duff
December 23:  Hailey Mitchell and Doug Lawrence
December 30:  Jim and Diane Strickland

Altar Servers:
Wyatt Hudson 
Hailey Mitchell
Brennan Dumont
Zach Sandberg
Quincy Frohlich
Wyatt Moore
Makenna Moore
Morgan Moore
Laura Eichner
Allison Eichner
Drew Fuller
Eddy Hettick 
David Hettick
Please check in with Father before each Mass to see if you are needed.

Pastoral Council President:
Doug Lawrence

Faith Formation Co-ordinator:
Donna Fuller
Ladies of St. Ann President: 
Roberta Bemis